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Introducing Traditionally Conservative

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Bringing a Conservative, Christian View to Politics and Culture

Traditionally Conservative started as an idea to promote the concept of traditional, Biblical conservatism. In June of 2021, I decided to create Traditionally Conservative on Instagram to promote traditional values on a platform that glorified woke ideologies. Traditionalism and conservatism must have a Christian basis, so one must be active in their pursuit of understanding truth through a Biblical worldview.

America has gone away from its traditional values that founded this nation and led to the rise of progressivism. Conservatives must stand up against the rise of progressivism and degeneracy throughout the country. With so many "conservatives" falling into practices that do not align with the morals of traditional conservative values, there must be more conservatives standing up against the demoralization and degeneracy within the movement.

Purpose of Traditionally Conservative

Traditionally Conservative stands to address societal, Biblical, and political topics from a traditional Christian and conservative perspective. Traditionally Conservative is designed to equip other conservatives and Christians to continue to fight against the rise of secular progressivism within their schools, workplaces, friend groups, social media platforms, and society. Your values are not limited to just the church or to your own personal life. To actually address the societal, Biblical, and political issues that are affecting one's life, one must stand up and speak out with conviction. In the words of Ronald Reagan, "if we ever forget that we are one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under." As conservatives continue to lose the culture war because they are too afraid to be in this fight, there must be a rise of people willing to fight for traditional Christian conservative values to be back into society.

Conservatives, Continue to Fight In This Culture War

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