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Hi, I'm Katie

My name is Katie Gooding. Having been involved in politics since I was sixteen, a passion of mine has been putting a Biblical worldview to all aspects of life, especially when it comes to politics, faith, lifestyle, and pop culture. Being involved in politics and promoting a Biblical worldview throughout my university has allowed me to continue to promote the truth about what is going on in America while also fighting against the rise of woke policies affecting this exceptional nation.

Too many Christians have tried to avoid taking about topics so necessary to both Christianity and the role of Christians into the public and private sector. When Christians start trying to avoid being "political," they continue to lose the culture war. While attending my Christian university, I've had so many conversations with individuals who call themselves both Christians and conservatives; however, they are adamant about never speaking out about their views in fear of losing friends and future opportunities. The goal of Traditionally Conservative is to emphasize the role of Christians and conservatives actively incorporates their views into all aspects of their lives including in politics, faith, lifestyle, and culture. 

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