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8 Pieces Of Advice For A Young Conservative Activist

When I first got involved in politics, there were so many mistakes that I made that could have been easily avoided. Here are eight pieces of advice I would give myself looking back at the last 4 years that I have been involved in politics.

Be Mentored

One of the biggest things that someone who is getting involved in politics should focus on, especially early on in their journey, is to find someone to mentor them. Whether it is another activist, someone who is working in the movement already, or just someone to keep you accountable, find someone who is willing to be there for you. Mentorship is such an important aspect for young men and women in the movement so that one doesn't fall into the wrong crowd of friends or into bad political values. So often, many conservatives end up drifting away from true conservatism because conservatism isn't popular, especially in the younger generations. Find someone to mentor you who has been there in your path before and rely on them for guidance.

Study And Read Constantly

Learn the fundamentals of the conservative movement and American politics. There have been major influences that have shaped the conservative movement throughout the years. Studying on the fundamentals of the conservative movement and American politics will allow you to understand the arguments and how to articulate your points to others. These influences can include individuals such as Russell Kirk, Thomas Sowell, Alexis de Tocqueville, Henry Hazlitt, Edmund Burke, John Locke, and Phyllis Schlafly

Speak Up And Never Back Down

When the times get rough, it is very common for conservatives to try to step back and not get involved because of the possibility of losing friends, family, and opportunities. There is no opportunity or relationship that should stop you from speaking truth in love. You must be truthful and honest to genuinely love someone. Be able to articulate and speak up about your values and passion.

Find Organizations That Align With Your Values

Find organizations that align with your values and that will be intentional with you. So often, conservative groups do not align with true traditional values especially with the push for populism in the movement. Rather than falling into populism, stick with strong traditional conservative values. Great organizations that will be intentional with you and uphold these values include Forge Leadership Network and Young Women for America.

Scripture Must Come First

Every issue you face when discussing politics should be done through a Biblical worldview. Before you form an opinion or make a decision, study to understand what the Bible says to do. This is a very difficult one for so many Christians to follow because we focus on what is viewed as popular within your political party or within the movement. Rather than focusing on what is popular, focus on what is Biblical. Biblical values are rarely popular; however, they are the only way to have a strong moral foundation with your political views and actions.

Find A Strong Group Of Likeminded Friends

One of the most beneficial things that will allow you to find your voice in the conservative movement is a strong group of friends. Having that strong group of friends will allow you to learn from them as well as getting to grow in community with people with similar values to you. Find a group of friends who are passionate about the same values that you are passionate about!

Do Not Compromise Your Values For Opportunities

So often, people struggle with trying to uphold their values while also trying to network and get better opportunities. So often, this leads so many people to turn away from their traditional conservative values and instead fall into the rising popular populist move within the GOP. While populism is become extremely popular in MAGA-era politics, there also are extremely anti-conservative values that are being pushed. Rather than trying to make yourself known for things that aren't aligning with your values, stand firm on your values.

Don't Find Your Identity In Politics

Conservative activists will often, especially the more involved you become in the movement, start to take political gains and losses personally, really putting their identity in their political party, values, and opportunities. This really has been fueled by influencer culture that has turned so many people away from fighting for the movement because they care about the movement. Rather, many find their identity in politics which helped them gain influence on others. The biggest piece of advice I could ever give is to find your identity in God not your political movement or party because God ultimately is the only one that will never fail.

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