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To The Pro-Life Activist Who Lost Friends and Family Over Their Pro-Life Stance...

When I first got involved in politics, one of the hardest things I had to recognize was that I knew that I would lose opportunities, relationships with family members, and life-long friendship just because of being outspoken about a topic deemed "too divisive." However, I will tell you this, I wasn't alone in this feeling. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of others who have gone through the loss of things important to them because of their political views. Back in high school, I had to learn this early because I had friends that turned from being my biggest supporters in life to cutting me off for being actively pro-life. I grew up in a family where "don't talk politics" was something told to me from an early age. Once the 2016 election occurred, politics changed forever and the normal "civil discourse" had been brought to a halt. If you didn't support abortion, you are automatically deemed "anti-woman" by pro-abortion activists without an understanding of why you were anti-abortion. Being anti-abortion is about being actively loving both the mother and the child.

However, there is something so important that one must realize, it is okay to have a different opinion, and it is more than okay to be actively involved sharing your values. When times seem uneasy because of the losses you may face, you have millions in the future generation thankful that you stood for their lives, regardless of what others thought. Each day, because there were pro-life activists fighting for the end of Roe, children are going to be able to be born. There are millions of babies born because of the work you put into this fight.

I am genuinely so proud of you for being bold in your stance and being able to stand for life, even when you knew the consequences it could have on your life. I am genuinely so proud of you for never backing down even when times get hard and you lost important things in your life. Even in the moments where you feel alone, remember that you are not alone. In a divided world, you have tons of people who are willing to be there for you to love you as friends and family.

Never cut someone off because their values are different. If one does cut you off, learn that you are not alone in this because there are so many people that will love you, regardless of your values and because of your values. However, always be there to have that open discussion on why you believe what you do. If the person is willing to listen, then be bold in your convictions. There is nothing wrong about being bold in the convictions that you have.

The moment you stop worrying about who cares about your views and the consequences it may have on your life, there will be such a satisfaction in being able to be bold in your convictions. This boldness will allow you to step out of your comfort zone which will help you gain so many amazing friends who will love you for who you are. If a person doesn't love you for who you are and what your convictions are, they will not stick around. However, there is nothing more important than someone who will stick around and love you for who you are. Be bold and courageous in your pursuit to be the voice of the voiceless in this beautiful post-Roe nation.


Your Fellow Pro-Life Activist

Cover Image from Kevin Feliciano of Students for Life

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