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Here Is How One Can Be Revolutionary In Today's Modern American Society...

In a moment where society hates God, freedom, and family, what is more revolutionary than standing up against the society and the government that has turned so far away from those three important factors of society. To be revolutionary, stand against society's new "norms" by pursuing traditionalism in a progressive society.

Get Married Young

So often, we are seeing a push for women and men to have their careers and travels first so that they can have their “fun” before they settle down. The mindset that one only dates for fun rather than for marriage is absolutely something that should be of the past. Dating for marriage and especially getting married young is far more important as you will be able to go through the most important stages of life together rather than alone.

Pursue A Traditional Lifestyle

Traditionalism is so important in American especially as as the rise of progressivism is changing the makeup of the nation. Rather than falling for the modern lies of progressivism, traditionalism is far more important especially as traditionalism allows for you to be more connected with your community. This can be done through going to a local farmers market, growing a garden, learning to cook, dressing modestly, and being more in line with gender norms.

Raise A Ton Of Kids

So often, we are seeing the rise of limiting the kids you have because of convenience or completely not having kids at all because one wants to pursue their career. There is nothing more fulfilling in one’s life than raising a child. No career or opportunity will love you like a child will. Raising kids in a nation like America and training them in godliness will be so much more fulfilling and revolutionary than any other decision you will ever make.

Love The Lord

Go to church and be active in your community. This is something that has been so far out of America’s culture in the recent years. Too often, American society has fallen into the “only going to church on Christmas and Easter;” however, there is nothing more fulfilling than getting involved in your local community and serving the Lord with them. Loving the Lord and being involved in His church is extremely important to be revolutionary in a society that abhors God.

Be Patriotic

Right now, Americans are becoming more and more anti-American because of the conflicts that have occurred within our domestic policy. America, even with the flaws, is the greatest country in the world. Our Constitution is so unique as it ultimately protects the rights of every citizen. The framework provides for a limited government to fight against tyranny. America is a land of opportunity for all. From our athletics to our entertainment industry, there are so many amazing opportunities within America to celebrate.

Be rebellious against a society that has forced mothers out of the homes and into the workplace. Be rebellious against a society that looks down on young marriages and pushes “living a little before settling down.” Be rebellious against a society that has turn so progressive that they no longer even understand something as simple as gender. Be rebellious in a society that has deemed children as “unnecessary.” Be rebellious in a society that has deemed Christians as “evil” when we are called to love others. Be rebellious in a society that needed a revolution to begin the freedoms that we have now.

America wasn’t founded on tolerance. America wasn’t founded on “acceptance.” America was founded on the idea that Revolution was necessary to leave a country that didn’t allow one to be free.

When children are no longer able to be free to be born because of abortion, there needs to be a revolutionary push against the institutions that have allowed for over 63 million babies to be aborted. There needs to be a revolutionary push within culture to uphold the family and push back against the ideologies that are harming the next generations.

Be revolutionary in America.

Cover Art from Unsplash by John Silliman

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