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As a voter of Trump in 2020 and a Christian, Ron DeSantis has my Support in the 2024 Primary

I will start this out by stating that I am very thankful for Trump's shaping of the GOP throughout his 2016-2020 term and the work that he has done throughout the country. However, when looking at 2024, I do believe that DeSantis would be the better option for the 2024 GOP primary than Trump especially if we want to beat Biden and the corrupt Democratic Party in 2024. Here are the reasons why I truly support DeSantis in 2024's primary.


DeSantis continues to be a champion of the pro-life movement as he has worked throughout his state to ensure the heartbeat bill that was championed by various pro-life organizations such as Students for Life Action and other pro-life organizations. DeSantis's role as government allowed for the Heartbeat Protection Act which will save thousands of babies in Florida. As a Christian, we must continue to push to have a culture that supports and protects life. Protecting life that is made in the image of God is a key essential value of both the conservative movement and Christianity.


China continues to be the biggest threat to America and DeSantis has continued to be a champion in the fight against Chinese influence in America. From DeSantis's push against Covid-19 to his recent law that banned Chinese nationals who are not citizensof the US, DeSantis continues to crackdown on the Chinese Communist Party's influence in America. DeSantis, on the state level, is beating China and will continue to do that once he steps foot in the oval office. DeSantis floated the idea of a 21st Century Monroe Doctrine to combat against Chinese influence.

The Culture War

The culture war includes issues that truly matter especially when it comes to protecting the youth. From his role in education policy within Florida to his anti-transgenderism ideology, DeSantis continues to be a warrior for the pro-life movement, family's involvement in their child's education, the elimination of the perversion in the school systems, stood against the long-term lockdowns of schools, and crackdown on the rise of sexualization against the children. DeSantis truly has taken Florida to the biggest fighter against the modern woke agenda and continues to win on these issues.


DeSantis recognizes the flaws throughout the country on immigration and has been a strong advocate for stronger immigration policy. Within the state of Florida, he continues to fight against the rise of illegal immigrants throughout the country. In Congress, DeSantis voted for one of the strongest anti-illegal immigration bills (HR 4760) . DeSantis's policies strongly target the rise of cartels' influence, bring resources to build a border wall, and secure the border from the rise of illegal immigrants. DeSantis's immigration legislation in Florida has led to a decrease in illegal immigrants in Florida and he plans to continue that decrease of illegal immigration nationally as president.


While DeSantis has been accused by many of being low personality, he isn't running on being a reality tv star. He's running on policy and the future of America, not on trying to make politics "fun." Politics aren't fun. Fighting against the woke agenda, failing economy, and damage that the current administration is causing isn't supposed to be like a reality show. He's showing character by acting as an adult who is talking policy, not name calling. The average American, especially the average Independent voter, doesn't care about the name-calling. They care about policies that are helping them feed their families, live their lives in peace, and protect their children.

Personal Life

As a Christian, I truly will support those who both have strong morals and strong policies. DeSantis's personal life continues to be one of high morals, strong faith, and a focus on his family while still promoting strong policies that are benefitting the ones he represents. DeSantis promotes his strong view of the nuclear family while also celebrating his marriage with Casey DeSantis who continues to be a classy mother of three young children. DeSantis continues to support and honor his wife while in the his position as governor. Ron DeSantis and his wife continue to be great examples of working in politics while still being there for their family.

Winning Key States

The ultimate thing that must be addressed when going into 2024 is "Who can beat Joe Biden" and "what states/demographics will go for the GOP?"In Florida, Miami-Dade, a county that has been historically left leaning, flipped for DeSantis after 20 years and had won 62% of the Hispanic vote. Especially with the Hispanic vote, a large group of voters,DeSantis can take the similar strategy nationally to beat Biden. Additionally, having a young fresh face in politics can bring a new level against the older Joe Biden would be an easily contrast that could bring voters towards DeSantis. Truly, DeSantis could bring out an interesting contrast going into key states and overall to flip some of the losses that the GOP had in 2020.

As a Christian, my faith will always come before my political values which is why I have to support a man like DeSantis in the 2024 Republican Primary as he continues to be a champion of his Christian faith and conservative values.

Images from Ron DeSantis's Photos for Public Use

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